Apps for job hunting

  • Posted on: 18 June 2012
  • By: carolabstract

Finding a job can be a full-time job in itself. Why not have technology work for you in this case? There are many apps and websites that can help you find a job in this fast-paced environment and help with every step of the process.

1. (if this then that) is a service where you define tasks and use different "channels" (Gmail, LinkedIn, SMS, phone, etc.) to talk to each other. For example, set a task to receive an email any time an accounting job is posted in LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn is a social media for professionals a great place to network and search for job openings.

3. PocketResume is an app for apple devices that will let you create, save, and email well-designed resumes. 

4. LinkUp is an app for iPhone and Droid users where you can search for jobs from company websites only. It does not display duplicate posts, work-at-home scams , fake jobs, etc.  

5. 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions is an app that will show difficult questions that employers ask, what they are really asking, and what would be the best response.

Happy job hunt!

By C. Abstract


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