How good is your resume?

  • Posted on: 4 June 2012
  • By: knewren1

For the month of June, this blog will be focusing on the topic of employment. At this point of the year students are done with the semester, and possibly done with school, and are either looking for a job to start their career or a summer job to have some savings. In this tough job market it is important to stand out. One of the ways to stand out is to provide a great resume. There are several different types of resumes, so it is important to choose the resume that best suits you and the job you want to get.

There are many articles and websites dedicated to what you should and should not do with your resume.

  • Here is an article that lists six mistakes that will get the resume thrown out. Two mistakes that I would like to point out. Make sure you have someone proof read your resume to make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors. Second, make sure that you don't use a generic resume - the resume should be geared towards the job you are applying for.
  • This article talks about the importance of knowing the difference between qualifications and duties. Not only does the article talk about the importance of matching the job posting and showing your successes, it also talks about the importance of a cover letter.
  • Since there are so many people applying for jobs these days, don't get discouraged when you don't get a job. Learn from the experience, and use that knowledge when you apply and interview for the next job.
  • This article discusses four tips to make your resume stand out.
  • Here is a list of seven mistakes job seekers make. Some are overlaps from previous articles, but one that stands out is not attending job fairs. Salt Lake Community College and most, if not all, other universities in the area hold job fairs at the end of the school year. These fairs cover summer jobs as well as career opportunities. Make sure to contact the student employment center to find out when the job fair will be, and they may know when the other universities will be holding theirs as well.
  • Should you write a long or short resume? This article talks about the finer points of both types. This same website has a good article on whether or not to write a cover letter.

For me, a one page resume is best. It allows me to tell them about my education, three jobs that show I am qualified as well as the type of work I've done, and some references. This is not always the case for everyone. Depending on whether you have a lot of experience, or have more information to share, one page may not be enough. But if you don't have a lot of experience, make sure you don't try to fill a resume with information they don't need.

To learn more about resumes check out one of our databases Films On Demand for videos. You must be on a SLCC computer or have an account with the library to use the database. Also see what our libraries have to help you.



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