OpenStax OER Course Materials On Reserve at Redwood!

  • Posted on: 23 February 2017
  • By: jhughe59

Now Available on reserve for 4 Hour Checkout - OpenStax OER (Open Educational Resources) Course Materials.

To support the OPEN SLCC initiative at SLCC and to foster student success, the Redwood Markosian Library has made OpenStax OER Course Materials available for the following courses:
  • Biology 1010
  • History 1700
  • Math 1050
  • Math 1080
  • Math 1210
  • Psychology 1010
  • Sociology 1010

The OPEN SLCC movement focuses on utilizing Open Educational Resources (resources that are openly licensed and free to students) in lieu of traditional textbooks. The goal is to lower the cost of education for our students by lowering their textbook costs. In fact, the movement at SLCC has been so successful that it has saved students at SLCC $3 million in the last 3 years on textbook and courseware costs!