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The mission of the Humanities, Language, & Culture Department is to provide students with a set of courses that fulfill a variety of general education requirements at all Utah public institutions of higher education. We believe passionately that our courses will enable students to develop broader perspectives and deeper understandings of their community and the world, as well as challenge their assumptions, biases, and preconceptions about the world and its inhabitants. Our aim is to help students develop both as individuals and as active citizens.

Our courses situate the events & patterns, customs & beliefs, thoughts & symbols of people throughout time in their appropriate cultural contexts and further the development of verbal, perceptual, analytical, and imaginative skills. Our classes cultivate attentiveness to written words and auditory & visual images, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary understanding.

In addition, in language courses students develop functional language ability, acquire proficiency in the target language in social and survival situations, and learn strategies that will enable them to continue the process of language learning.

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