The Chemistry Department offers a program leading to an Associate of Science degree. Required courses and laboratory instruction in this program provides students the first two years of chemistry and related courses required for admission to baccalaureate major programs.The program also provides a solid foundation in chemistry necessary for admission to professional programs, and for employment in chemistry-related areas. Chemistry is also a discipline essential to training for many preprofessional fields as well as health sciences. All classes are transferable to other institutions in the Utah state system of higher education and most other universities and colleges in the nation.

Chemistry classes are offered at four levels:

  1. General one-semester survey class; fulfills General Education requirements for non-technical students;
  2. A two-semester health science series of inorganic, organic and biochemistry;
  3. A two-semester series of pre-engineering/pre-professional general inorganic chemistry;
  4. A two-semester series of organic chemistry.

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