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Diesel Systems Technology

Students are taught the general concepts of diesel systems technology. Technicians in this field repair and maintain diesel equipment, such as trucks, buses and construction equipment.  This includes bulldozers, earth movers, cranes and other dieselpower equipment. 

Diesel technicians use common hand tools like pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers, as well as special tools. They also may use testing equipment like dynamometers-which measure engine power, special fuel injection equipment and electronic-controlled engines.

Most diesel technicians are required to buy their own hand tools. Beginning students accumulate more tools as they gain experience.  A prospective diesel technician should be in good physical condition and have above-average mechanical ability and eye-hand coordination.

Any course offered in this program can be taken as part of the vocational/technical electives for an associate of science degree in general studies.

General Education and elective courses provide training in effective oral and written communication and human relations skills, opening doors for upward mobility.

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