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Division of Arts and Communication

The Division of Arts & Communication currently houses three departments and the Mass Communication Center. The Performing Arts Department includes Dance, Theatre, Music, Film Production, Film Appreciation, Interior Design, and the Fashion Institute. The Visual Art & Design Department includes Photography, Screen Printing, Animation, Design, Graphic Design, Printing, Jewelry and Fine Art. The Communication Department includes both Speech and Mass Communication programs.

The Communication Department gives primary direction to the vibrant Mass Communication Center that includes practicum experience in print journalism, radio, television, and web content. The Mass Communication Center prints a weekly newspaper, broadcasts over an internet radio station and provides video content for web distribution and for SLCCTV.

The goal of this Division is to provide broad-based, multi-faceted learning experiences for students in the Arts and Communication. We believe that students thrive when they are given a variety of ways to learn, when they are held to the highest standards and best practices for learning and when they are mentored by highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.



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