Electronics Technician

You will learn to use the latest techniques and tools to ensure high reliability soldering in this three-part, in-depth, hands-on program. The universal assembly and repair module covers all aspects of both single and double-sided through-hole circuit board technology, including: high-reliability soldering, solder theory; assembly and rework techniques of wire connections; terminals; axial lead; DIPS; flatpacks and multi-leaded components. The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly and repair module stresses the safe installation and removal of surface-mount components, chip, SOTs, MELF, SOICs, QFPs and PLCC, using the latest equipment and techniques. The third part of the program includes IPC-A-610D Certification training. Upon satisfactory completion of this program, you will be able to make "accept" or "reject" decisions for the appropriate class/classes of electronic assembly production, based upon the acceptability requirements of the IPC-A-610D.

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