Law Enforcement Academy

The Law Enforcement Academy has a National Entrance Exam that everyone must take and pass to apply for the program. The test is available Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the South City Campus (1575 South State Street) in room W-291. No appointment is necessary. Please be prepared to present a government issued photo ID with your birth date and signature (Drivers License, or similar ID). Everyone must check-in before 5:30 PM in the Student Center room E-148 to pay for parking and the $30.00 non-refundable testing fee which must be paid before the exam is taken. Entrance to the testing room must take place before 5:45 PM. The "National Police Officer Selection Test Study Guide" is available in the college bookstores for approximately $4.00. Test results from the post exam never expire, so make several copies, because every agency you apply to will request a copy of your scores.  This information is subject to change, so please contact the School of Applied Technology Testing Services for additional information 801-957-3257.

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