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Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are trained primarily to work in doctors offices, clinics or health maintenance facilities. As members of an allied health care profession, their role is to assist with care and treatment of patients in both administrative and clinical procedures.  Medical Assistant Program graduates possess entry-level skills in all administrative and clinical practices. They also receive extensive training in advanced competencies of the multi-skilled practitioner. As a result, graduates are of immediate value to the physician/employer. Emphasis is placed on development and understanding of personal and professional relationships.

Students complete a 200-hour unpaid leave at a primary health care facility upon completion of the course work. Students must demonstrate efficiency by passing competencies required in the program and successfully complete CPR and first aid certification before placement in an externship. Students must return ALL externship evaluations and hours (records) properly signed by externship supervisor and student to the externship coordinator of the medical assistant program. Only upon successful completion of the program and externship with a C (74%) or better, and receipt of all externship records, will the student receive the one-year certificate.

The Salt Lake Community College Allied Health Medical Assistant Program is accredited by CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health) and the AAMA (America Association of Medical Assistants) Chicago, IL. The MAERB (Medical Assisting Education Review Board) has established thresholds for outcome assessments in medical assistant programs accredited by CAAHEP, one of which is successfully passing the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) exam with an overall score of 70% or better. All program graduates will be required to take this exam within five years of completition of the program.

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