The Humanities Program provides students a broad variety of courses in Humanities, Anthropology, Philosophy and Cultural Studies including Art History, Religious Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies. These courses range from general surveys to specialized topics. The essentially interdisciplinary character of the Program combined with the diversity of the methodological approaches and pedagogical devices used by the faculty create an effective educational model to introduce students to both the classical foundations of world cultures and to the recent developments arising out of them. The program goes far beyond an emphasis on coverage and content; each course cultivates an attentiveness to written words and auditory and visual images, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary understanding. Additionally, all regular offerings carry General Education designations.

As structured, the program is designed to provide students with a vehicle to broaden their perspectives and deepen their understandings of the world around them as well as provide a variety of avenues to further education. In addition to a core class and a 2000-level language, students in the program are required to choose from among five emphasis tracks depending on their areas of interest or desire for more specialization. These are:  General Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art History, and Culture. Students will take a minimum of 3 courses in a track.

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