Political Science

Political science prepares students to understand and participate in the processes whereby policies are made in local, state, national and international political systems. Students learn the factual and theoretical ways in which governmental and non-governmental actors interact. In the process, students develop analytical and communication skills.

Political science courses are an essential part of a liberal arts education because many disciplines come together in political analysis. Political science courses are useful in a variety of majors such as history, sociology, pre-law, business, public administration, economics, education and international studies.

Students who would like hands-on experience in the political realm may sign up for an internship administered by the Political Science Department. SLCC students have interned in Washington D.C. and Salt Lake City, volunteered on political campaigns, conducted exit polls, hosted a variety of national and local political figures and served with a variety of social services and educational institutions.

The Political Science Department offers individual courses in political science as well as a two-year AS degree.

Students should check with the department or academic advisor to determine which courses are transferable to other colleges within the Utah System of Higher Education.


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