Refrigeration JATC Technology

Refrigeration fitters through the JATC Committee program do contract and custom installation, maintenance and services and repair of refrigeration and refrigerated and/or air conditioning units and systems. Work may include new construction and remodeling and repair of existing building units. A journeyman may specialize in either installation or as a service technician.  The position requires extreme precision, good manual and finger dexterity, independent judgment, and considerable strength and agility. This program is registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. The national JATC curriculum has been adopted by the local sponsors and adherence to this and all other registering and licensing bodies must be strictly followed. An apprentice must have the approval of the JATC before registering for classes. 

Contact the Department

Taylorsville Redwood Campus, CT 222, (801) 957-4066

General Information, (801) 957-4073

Academic Advisor CT 218, (801) 957-4550


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