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All common methods of welding, acetylene and inert gas welding techniques are available. Students will be capable of welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all positions and can operate shears, rolls, drills and brakes. Degree seeking students will receive a foundation of industry practices, welding theory, and knowledge of metal alloys and metallurgy processes. Graduates from the program will be competent in layout, fabrication, inspection, fitting, cutting and forming metals, and determining electrodes/wire and filler metals required by industry. Students will have the opportunity to learn techniques for certification testing, competent blueprint interpretation, and written procedures required by industry. Welders desiring to improve their position by upgrading their skills in specific welding processes or applications; or welders desiring instruction certification, fabrication, or inspection are encouraged to enroll in the program.

Any course offered in this program can be taken as part of the vocational/technical electives for an associate of science degree in general studies.

General Education and elective courses provide training in effective oral and written communication and human relations skills.


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