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Faculty Resources

The library offers several services to assist faculty. These services include library liaisons, multi-media support, course reserves, and Information Literacy Classes.

For quick access to handouts with information about:

  • SLCC Library Resources and Services
  • ELIE (Electronic Library and Information Environment), a Knowledge Managemnet (KM) Portal of Salt Lake Community College
  • Library and Publishing Terms
  • SLCC Library Locations and Hours

Click here to download the PDF

Library Liaison Program

Check out our Liaison Program and contact the library staff assigned to work with your department or program!

Media Services and Support

Each library center provides media equipment for faculty use. Equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Laptops
  • LCD Projectors
  • Overhead Projectors
  • DVD players
  • Televisions
  • Digital cameras

Please reserve equipment at least 24 hours in advance to enable us to provide quality service. Further information can be found on the Media Services page.

Reserve Desk

Course Reserve

The course reserve allows instructors to place material in the library for students to access. Reserve material normally consists of items already owned by the library or items owned by the instructor. Reserve material can be checked out by students for a maximum of four hours but may not be taken out of the library.

To place material on reserve:

  • Review copyright laws. http://www.slcc.edu/riskmanagement/docs/Copyright04.pdf
  • Bring material to the library and fill out a reserve form. Reserve forms require the title of the article or book, the author, number of copies and the instructor’s information.
  • Be sure to specify if you want the material on both regular reserve and e-reserve (see below).
  • Once the book is handed over to the librarians, it will be barcoded and put into the system. This can take 1-5 days to accomplish depending on the amount of reserve material.
  • If the material is owned by the instructor, please pick up material at the end of the semester. If the material is owned by the library, it will automatically be removed and placed back on the shelves.

Contact Course Reserve Specialist: 801-957-4605

For Faculty: Click here to download the Reserve Request Form  


eReserve allows students to access material online through the library Website. The benefit of eReserve is that it permits students to view material outside of the library and is not restricted by time constraints.

In order to place material on e-reserve:

  • Review copyright laws.http://www.slcc.edu/riskmanagement/docs/Copyright04.pdf
  • Bring material to be placed on reserve to the library and fill out a reserve form. Just as in regular reserve, the title of the article or book, author, number of copies and instructor information are required to fill out the form.
  • Be sure to specify if you want the hard copy as well as the electronic copy in our reserve collection. If you only want the material on eReserve, you may return to pick up your material after 5 days.
  • Obtain a password for students to access the information.
  • Allow time for the librarian to scan your material. Scanning material into the Website takes 2-5 days depending on amount of material.

If placing a hard copy on reserve, be sure to retrieve material after the semester ends.  

Contact eReserve Specialist: 801-957-4605

For Faculty: Click here to download the Reserve Request Form

Recommend a Resource

If there is a specific text or audiovisual resource that you would like to recommend for the Library to purchase, you can place a request either through this link or by contacting the liaision for your subject area.

Library Classes

ePortfolio Instruction

SLCC Libraries offer training and support for ePortfolios. Formal group training is offered every day during the first five weeks of every semester at the Taylorsville Redwood, South City, and Jordan Campuses. Additional individual training is available from the Refernce staff at each library. Group sessions can be scheduled by calling 801-957-4195. 

ILT Classes

The library offers to teach classes on Information Literacy. The classes focus on teaching students where to access library databases, locating material within the library and further instructions on how to use the library Website.

For more information on Information Literacy Classes and instructions on how to schedule a class for your students, please review the Information Literacy (ILT) Classes section of the Library Classes page in ELIE.