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Library Liaison

The goals of the Library Liaison Program are to:

  • Facilitate communication between the Library and SLCC's faculty, staff, and administration and provide them with Library contacts dedicated to serving their needs.
  • Increase faculty, staff, and administration awareness and utilization of Library services and resources.
  • Increase the Library’s awareness of, and response to, SLCC community needs.
  • Increase faculty and student access to library resources in all formats through effective reference service, information literacy training, tutorials, and the utilization of current technology.
  • Improve outreach efforts in order to build awareness of Library, Media, and Electronic Classroom services and resources and encourage their use.
  • Improve the Library's planning process to meet its goals and those of SLCC through assessing and responding to the findings of the Library Liaison Program.
  • Encourage faculty to incorporate or embed Information Literacy Training into their curriculum.

We are looking forward to meeting with you, your faculty and staff members in the very near future. Please be thinking of a time that is convenient for your liaison to meet with you, your faculty and staff – perhaps at beginning of one of your direct reports staff meetings. Please let the Library Liaison assigned to your department know how he/she might be helpful in fulfilling your library, media, and electronic classroom needs.

Liaison Assignments