Library Services Grant Preserves the Visual History of SLCC

Mrs. Almira Wheeler and Mrs.
Mrs. Almira Wheeler and Mrs. "Pete" Petersen demonstrating how to use a metal sheet bending machine. Photo likely taken between 1955-1970.

The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board awarded a UUSHRAB grant to Salt Lake Community College Library Services back in the Fall of 2017. USHRAB officials said in a statement at that time that they are “excited” to be partnering with SLCC for the digitization of historical photographs from the College’s physical archives as part of a larger effort in preserving Utah’s history.

With the $2,000 USHRAB grant coming to an end, the grant has allowed SLCC Digital Archives to digitize approximately 800 photographs documenting SLCC's past, including convocations, inaugurations, club activities and instructional program activities. These digitized images have been uploaded in the Library's SLCC Digital Collections found here. Additionally SLCC Digital Archives has created a complementary online exhibit of a selection of the digitized images, as well as adding images to the SLCC Historical Interactive Timeline, found here.