About: Archival Program

The Salt Lake Community College Archival Program identifies and acquires materials of long-term historical, evidential, and administrative value to the College and preserves and provides access to these materials so that the Archives and Institutional Repository are visible resources that: 1) promote knowledge of Salt Lake Community College and 2) support and nourish teaching and learning at Salt Lake Community College and in the wider intellectual community.

To learn more about the SLCC Archival Program, check out our Program Policy.

Physical Archives

The Physical Archives is responsible for the appraisal, acquisition, preservation, and use of physical records created by the College, as well as records created by individuals or groups associated with the College. The Physical Archives also assists with research initiatives and queries regarding the College and its history.

Do you have something that you'd like to contribute to the archives?

We're always looking for more ways to document the SLCC experience. If you have documents or items that help to tell the story of your time at SLCC, and would like to share that experience with the Bruin community, please contact the Librarian for Archives. See documents below for our collection and donation guidelines.

Consult the collections!

Archival collections are open for consultation. Use our finding aids to learn more about what we have in the archives. Each finding provides context for the collection, as well as a folder inventory describing the contents of the collection. To consult the physical materials, please contact the Librarian for Archives.

  • Administrative Units Fonds Finding Aid
  • College History and Events Fonds Finding Aid (coming soon!)
  • Curriculum Support Fonds Finding Aid (coming soon!)
  • Publications Fonds Finding Aid (coming soon!)

For further information or queries related to the Institutional Repository, please contact rebecca.sparagowski@slcc.edu.

Institutional Repository

The Institutional Repository is responsible for digital and digitized records pertaining to the College, its students, its faculty, or its engagement with the Community. The Institutional Repository also supports collections which may not be directly related to the College but are relevant to the College’s mission of community engagement and support. Additionally, the Institutional Repository is intended to function as an easily accessible and cost-effective platform highlighting the talent within the SLCC community as well as to be used as an innovative marketing, teaching, and learning tool.

The Institutional Repository (IR) is open to the public and can be accessed for anywhere.

For further information or queries related to the Institutional Repository, please contact jen.hughes@slcc.edu.

Do you have something that you'd like to contribute to the Institutional Repository?

We're always open to donations that document or support the SLCC! If you are interested in donating materials to the IR or exploring way the IR could support you in your role at the College, please contact jen.hughes@slcc.edu. See documents below for our collection and donation guidelines.

Additional Online Resources Related to the IR that You Might Find Interesting:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The SLCC Libraries aim to create an inclusive environment where all users feel welcome, and differences are valued and supported. We embrace and support the range and depth of human and social identities in our efforts to provide equitable access to information.

Statement on Potentially Harmful Content

The Salt Lake Community College Archives Program is divided into the Historical Archives, dealing with physical records, and the Institutional Repository, dealing with digital and digitized records. We collect materials with the intention to preserve and make available records of value to SLCC and the broader community. We strive to include materials that document a multiplicity of viewpoints. We recognize that some of the materials in our holdings may reflect outdated, biased, or offensive views and opinions. Some of the materials relate to violent or graphic events which are preserved for their historical significance or as part of unique collections within the Institutional Repository. For all materials, great care is taken to provide contextualization, as well as respectful and inclusive descriptions.

For information regarding materials collected, please see the Salt Lake Community College Archives Program Policy.

In creating this statement, we drew inspiration and guidance from various sources including the Digital Public Library of America, the Stanford Special Collections and University Archives, American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, the Society of American Archivist’s Core Values Statement and Code of Ethics, and SLCC’s Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, and Tenure Policy.

For further information, please visit the full Statement on Potentially Harmful Content.