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  • Are you trying to use streaming media in your course?
  • Are you having difficulty locating the specific clip of a film you would like to use in a digital format?
  • Do you own a copy of a DVD but don't know how to rip and stream the portion you need for class?
  • Would you like your students to view an entire film in an online Canvas course and you can't find a streaming copy?

We can help you!

Streaming Media Ticket

We now have a Streaming Media Ticketing system that allows us to help you with these issues and questions. We can assist you with finding streaming resources. We can also assist you with determining if it would be reasonable to have a DVD ripped and streamed for your course.

The Streaming Media Ticket is a short online form you fill out with key information specific to your needs. Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • The title and director or production company of the item you wish to use
  • How much of the resource you want to show? Just a few minutes? The entire thing?
  • Will this be an in-person class or is it for an online Canvas course?
  • How vital is this resource for your course? (Very vital? Could a different resource be used in its place?)

Fill out a Streaming Media Ticket today and a librarian will contact you in a timely manner regarding your request!

Liaison Librarians are assigned to assist each school at the College. Discover your Liaison today!

Comments and/or Feedback

For Comments or Feedback, please contact us via this google form and we will respond to your concerns.