Wi-Fi Hotspots FAQ

Need Internet at Home or on the Go?

    Check out a Wi-Fi Hotspot device from the Redwood Markosian, South City, or Jordan Campus Libraries and the West Valley Center.

What is a Wi-Fi Hotspot device?

    A Wi-Fi Hotspot is a device that lets you connect your other devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the internet. It's portable, so you can connect to the internet almost anywhere you go!

How do I check out a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

    Go to one of the above locations with your SLCC OneCard. Like all our other SLCC Libraries materials, Wi-Fi hotspots are free to checkout using your SLCC OneCard.
    SLCC Library Wi-Fi hotspots are only available for currently enrolled students.
    Hotspots start to check out at the beginning of a semester and all hotspots should be returned by the end of the semester

How long do Wi-Fi Hotspots check out for?

    Wi-Fi Hotspots check out for a loan period of 28 days.
    Hotspots can be renewed for an additional 28 days if no one else has placed the item on hold.
    The data will be turned off if the hotspot is not returned to the library by its due date.
    Hotspots do not work on SLCC campuses.

Are there any limits on the amount of data that can be streamed?

    No, the data is unlimited.
    Unlimited media streaming is available for services such as Amazon, YouTube, HBONOW, Netflix and more.
    Visit T-Mobile's BINGE ON page for more information about all the unlimited media streaming that is available.

What if I have questions or concerns?

    Please feel free to call the Redwood Markosian Library Reference Desk at 801.957.4610
    Text us at 801.770.0996
    Or Email us at Library_web@slcc.edu.